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RYER Associates is a regional leader in providing fully integrated commercial real estate services. We have been building opportunities in Connecticut's commercial real estate industry for over four decades through marketing savvy, powerful technologies, and an intimate knowledge of the marketplace. Real estate is about connecting people and information; doing it successfully requires connecting the right people with information they trust and value.


Our Associates are about integrity and vision. We provide frank analyses and imaginative options based on your specific goals. This combination of realism and creativity has repeatedly proven to be the most profitable approach for our clients, both short- and long-term. By consistently helping clients make informed and confident real estate decisions, we have established an unmatched track record of regional transactions, enabling our clients to achieve optimal value.


Our interplanetary headquarters. Did you know Jeff Ryer owns an acre on the moon? Stop in to see the deed or call about fast-food franchising!

We're certain that the U.N. will uphold his lunar property rights.

As a client of Ryer Associates, I cannot imagine why anyone would use another firm.  We have bought and sold commercial real estate with Ryer Associates and couldn’t have been more pleased with their knowledge, expertise and most of all their genuinely wonderful customer service.  We’ve been fortunate enough to have dealt with three generations of Ryers and can we can say with certainty that we would never look elsewhere for our commercial real estate needs.


-Pam and Kurt Gengenbach – Coasis, LLC and JuniFly, LLC

Mike, Jeff, and Gus in India

Here are Mike and Jeff, visiting Gus when he studied abroad in India during high school. They had a great time, even when Mike was launched from a raft into the Ganges River!

Three Generations

Ryer Associates was founded by Mike Ryer in 1972 as  part of RealNex, a combined commercial and residential real estate firm. He sold the residential portion of the business, deciding to focus on what he enjoyed most: commercial real estate. Jeff Ryer, his son, joined in 1986 and together they expanded the firm. Gus Ryer, the third generation, joined in late 2011 and the three worked closely together until Mike's passing.

Today, Jeff and Gus continue that tradition of excellence, maintaining the hardworking values Mike started while enthusiastically meeting the future.

Roots in CT, but a Wide Canopy

Danbury began as a small community in c. 1685. When war broke out between the Colonies and Great Britain it was chosen as the site for a military depot (and was promptly burned by the British). After Independence, the town eventually grew into a city and became the largest producer of felt hats in the world, shipping fedoras, derbys, and homburgs across the globe, handily earning it's motto, "Danbury Crowns Them All."

Danbury continued that crowning excellence into the 20th Century, when business leaders realized hats were falling out of style. They banded together and initiated a campaign to attract new, varied industry to the city. It worked, and the wide business-scape is still bearing fruit. The Greater Danbury Area leads Connecticut in almost all economic indicators and was recently ranked in the Top-50 Most Livable Cities in America by 24/7 Wall Street, and by USA Today as the 2nd best city to live in America.


Danbury was once known as Hat City. It's estimated that around the turn of the century  Danbury produced 24% of America's hats, and upwards of 74% of its unfinished hat bodies.

Danbury's hats were wildly famous and were exported across the globe. The city has changed a lot since then, but Main Street is just as busy!

RYER Associates embodies the hard work and ingenuity of our hometown. We think it's impossible to serve our clients without the kind of perspective gained from immersion in the statewide and national commercial real estate industry. That's why our experts are heavily involved in professional organizations like CCIM and SIOR, as well as the Connecticut Association of REALTORs leadership.

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