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Real estate brokerage is where we started, and it's still at the heart of what what we do. As a generalist brokerage firm, we have expertise in anything you need. We've sold and leased office buildings, raw land, industrial space, and retail. We've given buyers a better understanding of apartment investments, and we've helped tenants negotiate lease extensions. We've aided individuals, corporations, and non-profits.


What does this mean?  No matter what you need, we can help. Whether you're a buyer, seller, lessor, or lessee, everyone has individual requirements we want to meet.


On the hunt! We don't just provide you with a printout of LoopNet or MLS results. We'll develop a market summary tailored to your situation, based on databases, individual broker websites, professional contacts, and tea brewed from a rare market-predicting flower (found after scaling the highest peak in the land and defeating a wizened economist).*

We also provide insight into private market rates and have access to some of the industry's most sophisticated demographics tools. Need to filter site location by workforce and customer needs?  Not a problem.

RYER Associates will stay involved throughout your contingency period, including municipal zoning, environmental inspections, and financing.

Want an in-depth look at the process?  Click HERE for a walk-through.

*We might have dreamed that last one



Marketing a property is more involved than gut-pricing and a For-Sale sign (though we love our signs!). From start to finish, we want to ensure you're not just getting the best price for your property - we want your success to carry forward into every aspect of the deal.

It starts with a comprehensive look at the property and its place in the market. We're not appraisers, but we bring years of experience to our valuations and deduce a range of value that informs how we market the property.


When it comes time to market, we don't rest on our laurels. Here's a sample of some of our marketing strategies:

  • Produce a color flyer/fact sheet of your property and/or the available space

  • Advertise your property on more databases than any other area firm, local or national

  • Create a custom property website, or host it on our Featured Properties page

  • Mass email marketing to existing databases and targeted prospects

  • Integration with the brokerage community - we love sharing commissions and encourage cooperation with other brokers

  • On-site selling: we accompany each showing at your property - we never use lockboxes or give out your key

There's a lot more to it, but we don't want your eyes to glaze over. If you'd like to know more, please Contact Us.


Commercial real estate should be a collaborative business. We don't live in a zero-sum world, and we want business to reflect that. CRE builds prosperity for everyone involved, because it boils down to these two simple goals:

  1. Someone controls property and wants to sell or lease it in exchange for income

  2. Someone needs space to conduct, and hopefully expand, their business

We're here to broker that deal with data-driven responses, sophisticated modeling tools, savvy interpersonal skills, and perseverance. Not every deal works out - it may be in your best interest to let something pass by. We won't be afraid to tell you when something doesn't look right.


No matter what, we treat each transaction like it's our own. There's a reason we've thrived for almost 50 years.

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