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Like our name suggests, commercial real estate is all RYER does. We love working with other agencies, and that includes residential firms. We have a special program for residential agents and love paying referral fees.

Why Refer to RYER?

The answer is two-fold:

  1. It's better for your client.

  2. It's better for you.

Just like residential real estate, commercial RE is a complex world with its own set of norms, definitions, and regulations. While both sides of our business may hold the same license, that's about where the similarities end. We've spent our careers learning how to strategically choose between a NNN lease, a gross lease, and everything in between. We know why industrial space might be worth more than office and how to map customer drive-times to retail locations.

Leasing a Home

Added to that, commercial transactions can take years to complete and are notoriously fragile. Environmental regulations (including the Transfer Act), zoning restrictions, public hearings, and the many ways of financing a deal all contribute to whether a project succeeds or fails. We're immersed in this world and are well equipped to navigate the waters.

We refer our residential leads because the knowledge necessary to serve those clients isn't within our core competency. RYER Associates wants to provide your commercial client with the exceptional service they deserve. Our success is founded on integrity, professionalism, experience, technology, and creativity. Here's how we do it:

No Hassles

Call us with a name and contact information. We’ll send you a check once it closes.

Reliable Care

Our care and service reflect the highest levels of professionalism - reflecting well on you.

Competitive Fees

We offer the most competitive referral fees in the industry. Even on renewals 5 years later, if available!


We'll update you on the transaction's progress and keep you as involved as you desire.

Tell us about your client's requirement so you can get back to doing what you love!

As a seasoned residential Realtor for over 20 years and an office manager for much of that time, I knew that my client would be best served by Ryer Associates; a multi generational commercial real estate broker.  Even in a tough market, the professionals at Ryer Associates were able to help my client as anticipated.

-Pat Fink, Ridgefield

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